A further automation of Lot Tracking and Bin Tracking

Client tracks medical supplies with Lots and expiration dates, which are stocked in bins using Orchid Bin Tracking.  They would like to add a few alerts and or processes; for example, when product has X days left before expiration, put it on Quarantine.  What are the best tools to try to do this?  Orchid Extender? Sage Alerts and Workflow?  Custom programming?  Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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    Sage Alerts and Workflows is my go-to in this situation, but custom programming will give you total freedom.  How are you hoping to deliver the alert?

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    Alert would likely be email.  But in rereading the client's need - as I described in the example above - I see that they can set the quarantine themselves in this particular scenario.  So then we'd want an email showing that the quarantine date has passed, and these items can no longer be moved without user intervention.  In any case, thank you for your endorsement of Sage Alerts & Workflow.  That might be the ticket

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    If the customer is also on MS Exchange, or O365, you can add the Exchange integration.  From there you can automatically create calendar entries along side the alert.  So if you wanted to create a “window” leading up to the quarantine date with an alert emailed at the beginning and end of the window.  We’ve also had good success with inserting a ticket into CRM or a ticketing package like OSTickets.