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A customer reports that an AR batch is missing and didn't hit the customer records. They said it hit everything else. Is there a way to recover this batch assuming that the batch did affect IC, GL, and OE? 

I am still gathering info since it could be that the customer mis-reported it. 


Peter Heinicke

  • Hi Peter, so a Shipment was processed but nothing appears in A/R? 

    First, ask the Users to check the Posting Journals under O/E Reports and A/R Transaction Reports to see if that shows what happened. 

    Failing that ask them to check "Post A/R Batches" under O/E Periodic Processing -> Create Batch.

    Then have them check "Day End Processing" under I/C Periodic Processing

    Finally maybe the A/R Batch is posted but the user does not have "Show Posted and Deleted" ticked on the A/R Invoice Batch List.  Make sure they do:

    Hope that helps, and also Jay is the "Sage 300 Whisperer" for good reason.

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    More info. The AR batch is deleted. The inventory is correct as if the shipments were made and inventory decremented. There are a lot of line numbers and serial numbers in the orders. My thought is to: 

    1.) Perform a check on GL to make sure it didn't hit GL.  We don't know why this batch was deleted. Is the delete key "hot" in the batch listing screen or somewhere else so that someone could make a fingerslip and delete ? The company has been using Accpac since before the 2012 version. 

    2.a) Assuming it didn't hit GL, make a reversal batch, ship it and day end it, and delete the reversal batch out of AR. At this point all should be flat the way it was before the batch was entered. 

    2.b) enter the new batch, day end it and post the AR side.  

    What I would really love if there is a utility for this type of reversal since the many lines and serial numbers will be easy to make mistakes. They need the serials for warranty purposes - it is computer and tech equipment. 

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    Hi Peter, deleting an open A/R batch is not hot - someone has to do it and confirm it, and moreover they have had to be given User Authorisations to do it.  There really is never a reason to delete an A/R batch and this level of access should not be available to anyone other than the highest level of users who may have a very specific and rare reason to do such a thing.  I agree with your idea to fix it, or using the O/E Posting Journal as a reference, your finance team could manually re-create an identical A/R invoice for the same items, qty, order number, etc as the one deleted but likely better to go through the reversal process you mentioned.  As you cannot deleted posted batches I cannot see how this would have hit the G/L from AR or anywhere else.  Please also immediately review and tighten up the Security Groups and User Authorizations (particularly for A/R) to prevent this issue occurring again.  Further, if users need this level of access but you want to avoid deletions, simply remove the Delete button from the screen by creating a custom profile for it then allocate that custom profile to the users under Admin Services -> Assign UI Profiles, and manage through UI Profile Maintenance.  All the best.