Sage 300 Financial Reporter Web API - hint at the future?

*Some future speculation on the future of Financial Reporter - not a support/help request*

On my test system I have Sage 300 2023 PU1 installed where I noticed under the *\Online\Web\App_Data\FinancialReporter folder there are three files including a MSI installer Sage 300 GL Financial Reporter Add-in.msi.  Out of curiosity I ran it (a proper installer appeared) though after finishing nothing obvious popped up or appeared in the Start Menu.  I opened IIS Manager and spotted a new site under Default Website - Sage300FR, very interesting!  I browse to it and a placeholder site appeared for "Sage 300 Financial Reporter Web API".  I also noticed in Excel I have a new add-in, and launching the FrPrintCoverPage from the FinancialReporter site folder shows a reporter screen that appears to be in development.  So I figure the future is Excel-based Financial Reporting that pulls the data from the Sage 300 Web API via this new Sage300FR site.  Pretty cool!  Looking forward to the future of it.

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