Intelligence Consilidated fiscal year parameter options missing a year

For consolidated financials, how does the pop up box to choose the year determine which years to pull? We have a consolidated report that runs about 10 companies. One of those companies is currently in fiscal year 2024, where as the rest are calendar year, so 2023. When we run the report, even from within the company with the 2024 fiscal year already created, 2024 is not an option to choose from. I can't seem to figure out which company the consolidated container is using to pull the fiscal years to choose from. 

  • Are all 10 companies, including the one in 2024, running the same Calendar/Period layout, or is the 2024 company using a different layout i.e. 9 are January-December and the 2024 company is June-July?  Has this ever worked or is the first time you're attempting it?

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    I'm currently troubleshooting a similar issue and what we have discovered is that the parameters are being drawn from the 1st database in alphabetical order in the list of consolidated companies.  

    It seems like this has been in the product since day 1 as far as I can tell.  I have created an escalation to the Sage Intelligence Development team and will see if there is a solution. 

    I will post a reply to this thread if I receive a solution from Development or if it is determined that this is working as intended.