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I have just set the Sage 300 2024 up and using SAMINC we are testing new features for suitability for a client upgrade. 

When testing I am getting errors when running via the FR Web, the FR on the desktop however is working fine.

Sage 300 2024, Office 365 64-bit (latest version), installed and running on the server.  Server is MS Win Server 2022 Standard

Web screens all seem to work, other than running the FR reports..

The Add-in has successfully installed, the Office is running under my Office user account, and works outside of FR web.

I really can't think of anything else?

When attempting to run one of the standard FR reports via the FR Web (Designer or FR Printer) I get the following error : "Financial Reporter web excel configuration error. The version of microsoft excel on the server may not be compatible."

 When I run it from the desktop console it works fine.

Creating a basic report from scratch, in the editor file created by the web, I get the below message from the Web.  I can however run this report fine from the desktop.

Any ideal?  I have tried both as ADMIN and a "Super User"

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      ,  Can you please provide some assistance with this one? I've performed two clean installs and have arrived at the exact same result as  .

    Web\Logs\trace.log shows:

    Timestamp: 13/11/2023 9:27:39 pm

    Message: Error-[Tenant:] [Company:] [Module:] [User:] - FRCOMWEBXL.exe - [Sage Status Code: 3] [System Error Code: -2147023170] 'The remote procedure call failed. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BE)'

    Machine Name: [Hostname removed]


    Event Viewer shows an Application Error for Excel:

    I see "WebFR\log4net.config" but no "Logs\FRTrace.log" log file etc.

    Would appreciate if Sage staff could please reply here if you have anything that we should try, otherwise please feel free to contact me to do a remote session, my TEST environment is ready to reproduce and I'll happily update this post with any solutions / troubleshooting tips / technical findings etc.

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      Sage AU advised that the issue has been reproduced and raised to Sage NA, I'll update when further information becomes available. Sage 300 2024 Product Update 1 / Sage 300 2024.1 is in Beta, and this issue has been reproduced in this Product Update - hopefully Sage NA can provide a fix for this issue in the final release of this Product Update. The Product Update is due for release in NA in the first week in December - hopefully Sage NA can provide a fix in the release... Fingers crossedFingers crossed 

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    Hi  ,

    I would like to get more information on your testing environment:

    1. Is the server a physical machine or is it a VM?
    2. Are you running these tests on the server physically or through a remoting desktop?
    3. Does the server machine have a touchscreen?
    4. If you are remoting into the server, does the client have a touchscreen?

    This problem is documented in this KB article:

    The FR Web feature relies on Microsoft Excel being launched from a non-interactive Windows account. (i.e. as LocalSystem for the Sage300 IIS application pool) Under such a scenario, Microsoft Excel is very sensitive to the Windows environment. Please refer to the KB article for some possible solutions.

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    Just confirming this caused the issue I experienced, I was using Hyper-V's VM Console to access a Virtual Machine. Connecting to the Virtual Machine via Microsoft Remote Desktop resolved the issue.  , thanks for your assistance. There are a lot of remote desktop solutions out there, and laptops with touchscreens etc. so it would make sense for Sage to rework the solution to handle these (typical) use cases to make this feature less brittle.