• Sage Intelligence support MS-SQL password length?

    Would you kindly let me know the Max. Length of SQL password Sage Intelligence Acceptable? My customer change SQL Password to 64bits length… After change, all Sage300 feature works fine but only Sage Intelligence caused password invalid.
  • BI Web screen unsupported protocol, the client and server don't support a common SSL protocol version

    On Sage 300 version 2022 product 3, Business Intelligence on web screen (Windows 10 last update server) , we cannot access business intelligence web screen as picture below. Please help us.
  • Duplicate Sage300 User ID in intelligence Reporting

    There is a customer, some Sage300 user ID are duplicated in Intelligence Reporting security. Such duplicated ID cannot use run report properly. Would you kindly let me know how to rebuild the Intelligence Reporting User table or fix the problem?
  • Sage Intelligent Report Cloud. You are not Authorized to view this page

    I'm using Sage 300 2018 PU 2, when running Sage Intelligence Cloud got this error You Are Not Authorized to view this page. I have given admin and a user with Financial Report and WEB Api access through the sage desktop. But still having this error. Any…
  • Sage Enterprise Intelligence New User creation Issue

    Hello people, please am having a bit of a challenge creating new users in Sage Enterprise Intelligence. I followed the provided guide but guess I don't know where to assign a password to my new user so that am able to verify the roles assigned to such…
  • Sage Intelligence Connection Error

    We are having a problem with connection in Sage 300 ERP Sage Intelligence. When doing Sage Database setup, the connection we put in under sever is SERVER\SQLinstance (in this case ABCServer\Sage300ERP. Sage 300 starts up fine. The connection auto…