Reprint Purchase Order and Receiving Slips


How do I reprint a completed Purchase Order (PO)? Every time I try to reprint PO from module Purchase Orders -> P/O Forms -> Purchase Orders, I get a blank page.

I opened the .rpt from crystal report, the database is POPORN which is not an existing table on the SQL. The report that is trying to pull from is POPOR01.RPT.

I thought that would just be as modifying the report to reprint Picking Slip and Ordering Confirmation "By adding  "OR {OESHIH.COMPLETE} = 5" in the "bPrintComplete" formula field." - see the instruction here.

Same issue with Receiving Slips - I can't reprint or view completed ones.

Would appreciate your help.



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    1. Using a non-data piped form, like POPOR04 as suggested by Jay, change the selection criteria to allow completed POs.

    2.  Comment out that datapipe line if found in your porpt.ini (May no longer need to do this)

    3.  When you go to print, check the box “Use custom form”.  That tells the program to ignore the internal selection formula and use yours instead. Otherwise, Sage is already excluding completed POs in the selection string it sends to Crystal.