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I have a company that has 11 Sage 300 lanpaks.

They are on Sage 300 2021 PU1 with integration to Sage CRM 2020R2

These users also use Sage CRM and open webscreens from within Sage CRM.

Question: when a user opens a webscreen from within Sage CRM does it use a Sage 300 lanpak? If I have setup a CRMUSER in Sage 300 and have assigned everyone to that user in Sage CRM what does that entail?

They are logging into Sage 300 with their own Sage 300 user. Is the system counting them as 2 lanpaks?

Thank you

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    Hi Prabha,

    I tested with:
    Sage CRM 2020 R1
    Sage 300 2020 PU3

    From what I can see using the current users functions on Sage 300, under HELP -> Current Users... I can see that NO licenses are being consumed on Sage 300 side. I checked by opening a CRM OE screen and Sage 300 desktop to see the current users, and under the current users I do not see that it is consuming a lanpak at all. I would suggest that you check on your system the same way, since the versions are different.

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    Hello Conrad,

    Are your users setup to use their own Sage 300 users in Sage CRM or do you have a separate user setup in Sage 300 for use in Sage CRM?

    What I have done is created a specific user in Sage 300 called "CRMUSER" and set the password to "does not expire" and "cannot change" and given that user specific permissions. Each user has their own username and passwords for Sage 300. Then in Sage CRM under the Sage 300 Administration I have assigned each CRM user that "CRMUSER" username and password.

    If a user is in Sage 300 as their own user say "Prabha" and then logs into Sage CRM and opens a webscreen, it will use the user "CRMUSER". And that does not count as 2 users?

    Thank you!!

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    Hi Prabha,

    From my testing no, it does not take up 2 users. It will only count the user logged into desktop "Prabha" and then if that user is logged into the "normal" webscreens, yes, but if they are only on desktop and then CRM, logged into OE or whatever, then it will only use 1 lanpack, the "Prabha" lanpack, not the "CRMUSER" lanpak.

    Thats what I can tell from my testing, this could be version specific and might have changed in 2021