Promote to Sage 300


Hi we are having an issue with our Sage CRM and promoting to Sage 300.

We haven't used this function before resulting in a lot of duplicate customers being in CRM. This is because we have them entered as prospects and then we sent them up as actual customers if the time comes to that. We set them up as customers in Sage 300 which then results in duplicate companies (one a prospect and one sage customer). 

When in the prospect we click the Promote to Sage 300 tab it opens up saying select sage 300 company - it shows our company name and has a spot for Sage 300 Customer Number/Sage 300 Vendor Number. We type in what should be the customer number and hit the "Promote to Customer" button. We then get the following message: #### already exists in Sage 300 Company.

Can confirm number is not used and company isn't in Sage 300. Thought this might be a permission error so we tried under an admin login and received the same message. 

Any ideas?

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    Hi Beverly H.  I am not sure exactly what could cause your issue there but you have checked all your Integrations settings in CRM?  Also have you tried merging the Prospect Customer into the Sage 300 Customer?  That is the best way I ahve found to clean up duplicates.  Make sure you are in the Sage 300 customer and merge from there as you can delete the Source Company.  We used to get this all the time too so we changed to procedure to create all Customers in CRM first, then promote them to Sage 300 if they became a qualified company.  It also solves the issue of Customers created in Sage 300 being Worldwide Territory therefore not being visible to most employees.  (That is you have your Territories and secrity setup that way).