Can't Set Column Order in Quotes and Orders in CRM's Sage 300 Integration

Hi All,

We have Sage CRM setup with Integration with Sage 300. On the quotes and orders pages in Opportunities, our users are used to being able to select which columns are displayed on the item grid (Item number, description, qty, etc). Which has all worked fine for several years. This morning I had a user report the columns had all changed orders and when they went to change them, they would revert as soon as the page was refreshed. Does anyone have any idea what may be causing this? I can't think of any changes we've made to either CRM or Sage in weeks this apparently this started this week.

I've confirmed other users are able to set their columns up and save them. I've logged into this users account and verified the behavior is as described. I've run a SQL trace on both CRM and Sage databases while modifying the columns on a working account but nothing jumped out at me as being related. Maybe this is one of those few things Sage 300 stores in the file system instead of SQL.

Any help, ideas, ritual sacrifices, are appreciated.