Invalid Signon Information error when trying to sync to Sage CRM 2022 R2 to 300 V2023 PU1


I am receiving Invalid Signon Information error when trying to sync to Sage CRM 2022 R2 to  300 V2023 PU1. I just install Sage 300 V2023 PU1 on new serve and upgraded their CRM from 2018 R1 to 2020 R2 then to 2022 R2. In Sage CRM when I try to synchronize tables to Sage 300 and change vendor address information it will not update Sage 300. I receive the above error. I followed the CRM upgrade instructions and made sure the new passwords were entered for the Sage CRM Admin user and CRM user.

I can update the Vendor in Sage 300 V2023 PU1 and it updates CRM. 

Thank you in advance for your help, I have researched the issue but could not find the answer.

Take care

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    I don't work with Sage 300 my experience is with Sage 300 CRE.  However, my understanding is that Sage 300 uses SQL for its database as does Sage CRM.  I don't know how Sage 300 is connected within the system.  Therefore, I am making a suggestion on what makes sense to me.  :-)  If I had this issue with an SQL database after an upgrade, I would review and resave the connection.  I have to do this sometimes after an upgrade with ODBC connections.  You may need to reboot or do an IISreset.

    I would make my way over to the admin area, then to Advanced Customization-->Tables and Databases.  I would then open the connection (If that is the way Sage 300 is connected) review it and save it.  If there is an issue, you will get an error and that may help resolve it.  You can also check the logs.  Again, I don't work with Sage 300, I am just suggesting based on an SQL connection to an SQL connection.  :-)

    Hope this helps!! :-)

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    I also meant to ask if it was possible that during the upgrade process a password was modified?

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    Yes I had to change the Sage 300 V2023 password to something complex but I updated it in CRM