Quote Expiration Date not correct in 300 integration

The default quote expiration date in Sage 300 in 1 year. When the user creates a quote directly in Sage 300, the quote expiration date shows correctly as one year. However if they create a quote in Sage CRM, the Sage 300 webscreen shows an incorrect quote expiration date of about 6 months in the future. And it appears to be different for different users. Any idea where this is configured?

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    The integration itself doesn't create the quote, rather the integration calls web screens via a web proxy class, so if there are any configuration options, they would be in the web screens. Have you tried creating a quote by logging into Sage web screens rather than the desktop? Does the same thing happen? Just trying to help narrow down where the issue might be.

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    I can confirm that using the Sage 300 web screen directly displays the correct Quote Expiry Date. So it seem to be something in the CRM/300 integration. Any ideas where to look?

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