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Good afternoon,

I'm new here. I have a need to integrate with Sage 300 CRM. I'm curious if it's possible to configure a development version of the system to develop against, rather than do my testing against a "production" environment. I have registered as a partner and maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see any information on how I can do that.



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    I have not done development specifically with Sage 300 CRM. However, for our internal development needs we have a separate Sage 300 company configured with test data. We use that when necessary for unit testing that requires database interaction (creating orders in Order Entry, for example). Essentially, you will need to configure at minimum a separate database within Microsoft SQL Server for the "development" company. You may also need a separate development instance of Windows Server configured if you need to run the development Sage 300 company on a separate server from your production environment.

    I hope this is helpful!

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    Thank you for the reply. That makes complete sense from an infrastructure standpoint. Do you know what the licensing options are for that? Does Sage allow and stand-alone installation for development without proper licensing?

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    From my knowledge of a test environment you would simply setup an instance of CRM in a folder called, for example, TEST and connect to a test Sage 300 company. So you would for example, have a url like this instead of the