Error : Failed to update Sage CRM opportunity for invoice_sage 300 Integration with CRM

We are facing below error that OE cannot update a record in CRM can anyone help to rectify the issue?

Error Description:

Failed to update Sage CRM Opportunity for invoice 'IN000****' 'Specific error: Opportunity (Oppo_Deleted is NULL and Oppo_OpportunityId = **** And Oppo_PrimaryCompanyId =463) doesn't exist.


1- This error happens on all invoices while hitting the post.

2-the Oppo_PrimarycompanyID is the same on all errors .

3- I have checked OppoID, CompanyID and PersonID on their related orders on table "OEORDH" and they match with Sage CRM oppo table but they differ from the error.

4-I have tried re set up workstation on Sage300 and try it again but it didn't work.

Is there anywhere that I should check to see why the compID is the same on all errors? 

Software version:

Sage CRM 2022 R2

Sage300 2021 PU5

Thanks in advance

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    My client is running into the same issue.  We have not resolved it yet.  Sage support had suggested the following solution where the defaults in System->Database did not have values.  Client defaults were already set.  This did not apply to the client.

    Solution ID: 53481

    Published on: 12-03-2014