How to add Data Import Manager job as a task

1 minute read time.

In Sage 500 you can add the Data Import Manager job as a task on the user's menu by giving them the ability to run the tasks without granting them access to the Data Import
Manager module itself.

  • Launch MAS 500 and go to System Manger>Tools>Task Editor.
  • Select 'Add New Task' at the bottom of the Task List window.
  • In the Task Editor Window select .NET Standard for the Launch Type and Data Import Manager for the Module. Then select the already created import job from the drop down list. You can also change the name and description listed in the ‘Name’ and ‘Description’ fields and set the Default Permission.

  • Click ‘OK’ to save the task then ‘Close’ to exit the Task List window.
  • Return to the Sage 500 desktop and right-click on the module listing that you want to add the task to.
  • In the window select ‘Create New Task’ then ‘MAS 500 Task’
  • In the Add Sage MAS 500 Task window select Data Import Manager for the Module and in the Sage 500 Task select the name you gave the task in the Task Editor window.

  • The task will then display on the Sage 500 menu. You can move the task by selecting it and dragging/dropping it to a new location.

  • Once that’s complete be sure to go to System Manager>Maintenance>Maintain Security Groups and update the groups that you want to grant access to the task.