How to find the name of the SQL view related to a lookup

Less than one minute read time.

If you are interested in finding the name of the SQL view associated to a given lookup view screen, here are a couple of ways

From System Manager, Maintenance, Maintain Lookups and click on the lookup flashlight.
In the Lookup column, locate Vendor and double click to select it
You can see in the Current SQL Command box that the name of the view is vluVendor

The second method to find the name of the SQL view associated to a lookup is as follows:

From Accounts Receivable, Maintenance, launch Maintain Customers and click the flashlight lookup
On the lookup window at the top of the form, locate a blue diamond shaped icon and click it
The subsequent screen tells you the SQL View name is vluCustomer.
This would also work if you were in Enter Sales Orders and Quotes and clicked the Customer lookup and subsequently clicking the blue diamond icon there.