Light vs. Advanced Manufacturing

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Light Manufacturing provides an easy-to-use Production Entry screen where finished goods are reported after the fact. This single point of entry eliminates dozens of potential labor and production transactions by automatically issuing material quantities, outside process transactions and labor time to finished goods. There are no Work Orders with Light Manufacturing. Use the backflush feature to automatically issue labor time, material quantities, or outside transactions as production takes place. The system updates inventory when the quantity of finished goods is reported.

Advanced Manufacturing includes all of the functionality of the Light Manufacturing module as well as detailed work orders, actual labor and production reporting, and real-time shop floor control. You get instant visibility to see which employees are currently on the clock in any production facility. You can create a work order from a sales order, on the fly, or create a new work order by copying an existing part routing/bill of material and making changes on a same-as-except basis. Critical production information including start dates, manufacturing commit dates, work order status, current log-ins for the job, scheduling data, job cost detail, and labor and outside process transactions can be viewed at any time. Integration with general ledger provides detailed job cost tracking and posting options for work in process, cost of goods sold, and production variances. A “Cost to WIP” flag allows you to choose whether or not to post work in process to the general ledger for any material, labor, or outside process transaction. Work Order transactions can be entered using Labor Entry, Material Issues, and Outside Issues tasks.

Additionally the following reports are available with the Advanced Manufacturing:

Work Order Completion
Work Order Printing
Open WIP
Job Costing
WIP Costing
Labor Efficiency
(Outside) Shipment Status
Employee List
Downtime List
Scrap List
Break Time List