Minor Entity Inactivation Enhancement

1 minute read time.

Sage 500 version 2019 has just been released with several new enhancements and here is more detail on minor entity inactivation enhancement.

In a nutshell this enhancement gives you an ability to make Buyers and Reason Codes inactive by adding an active flag throughout the system.

This flag allows the controls in various Sage 500 tasks to filter out those values that are no longer useful for data entry.  Buyers or reference codes may have been added in the past but may have become outdated and/or no longer useful for current data entry.  This enhancement will not attempt to process the flag beyond data entry.  Also it will not attempt to stop postings and other processes as a result of an active flag change.  For example, a list of buyers may include several people who have left the company, so this enhancement will filter out inactive buyers from the data entry dropdowns but will not stop the processing of a purchase order based upon a currently inactive buyer.

This will also save the time from browsing thru a potentially long lists and reducing the chances of accidentally selecting a currently invalid entry.


Regarding PO Copy function : if the buyer on the source PO happens to be inactive, then a message box  is popped after clicking the form’s proceed button and before the copy will take place.

If the user chooses yes, a copy of the PO will be made, but the buyer on the new PO will be blank.  If the user chooses no, then they will be returned to the original purchase order.  To get a buyer on the PO copy, the user must either change the buyer on the source to an active buyer, or they can manually enter one after the copy of the PO is generated with a blank buyer.