Print at a later time

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If you have  wanted to setup any report in Sage 500 to be printed at a later time, you can use the Deferred Printing option that is available from report tasks. Here is how this works.

Lets say for example you want to setup a couple different reports to run later in the afternoon. The first report is the Aged Payable reports. In this example, we will setup the selection criteria to show us a list vendors that start with the letter "a"

Click the Defer icon at the top of the form. The next screen will prompt for a location to create the deferred print file. It defaults to your profile location

Give the rpt file a name or accept the default and click the Save button when its complete.

Go to AR Sales Activity and setup the criteria list all customers that begin with "al" and click the Defer icon, and save the deferred print file as in the steps we followed for the Aged Payables report.


We have set up two reports to be deferred, where do we go to print/preview them? System manager, Tools, Deferred Printing.  After the task launches click the Refresh button to load all the deferred reports. 

You may need to change the Company dropdown if the deferred reports were created/set up in a different company.  The reports that were deferred are visible in the company where
they were created. Highlight the line associated to the report you want to print/preview and click the appropriate button. That's all there is to it

After you have printed/previewed the report, to remove the Deferred print jobs, you should place a checkmark in the Purge column for each line you want to delete.  Then highlight that line and click the X icon. The purge option will remove the rpt file that was originally saved under your profile path.
You can highlight multiple rows and delete them all at once. The table tsmDeferPrint holds information about these deferred jobs and will be updated when you delete the jobs.

The main purpose of Deferred printing is to set up a queue of reports that will be previewed/printed at a later time. Perhaps those reports take a while to run and could impact
performance if run during the day. It would be best practice to run the reports when Sage 500 is less busy.