Sage 1099 TY 2020 Stand-Alone Updates advice.

Please be sure to read the release notes in the upcoming 1099 TY 2020 Stand-Alone Updates BEFORE installing this update, including the "Best Practices" section of the notes.  Doing so may help keep the continuity of the historical functionality and help protect your data.

  • I just downloaded the update and noticed that the Maintain vendors screen (APZMA001.ExE) has not been modified and there still isn't an NEC form option.   So is the update basically changed the 1099 Form Service screen to pull box 7 data of Misc form as box 1 on the new 1099-NEC form?  Thanks

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    Before I look into this, please let me know:

    -> Sage 500 ERP Version

    -> PU Level

    -> That you have applied the database portion of the update

    -> That you have applied the client portion of the update.

    If you are just looking over the objects modified, then please realize that the vast majority of 1099-MISC/NEC changes are actually database driven changes and will only reflect once the database update is applied.  So if you are entering a Vendor, Vendor Class, Voucher, etc, the changes only appear after the database update as there was no client code to change.  The only client code that was changed was the import portion of 1099 Beginning Balances.  Note that the old imports were not updated as we generally do not support them going forward and instead encourage DM/DI to do imports.

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    Well, we certainly have many loyal Sage 500 customers.    I don't think we are alone in that, especially considering the trajectory of the product.  Thanks for confirming the issue, Ramon and requesting a refresh.   I have my fix, so I should be set to plow ahead.

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    For example of loyal Sage 500 customers we started out with Acuity back in 1996.  Hoping when I go to do the 1099 update I don't run into any issues.

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    There is a refresh that should come out Monday (12/28).  It was discovered that Edit Voucher 1099 Data was not editing correctly.  While the NEC form did show up, there was a coding style that prevented it from processing dynamically.  The reapplication of the client side portion should fix that up once the links are refreshed.  

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    Hi Ramon, is the refresh still coming out today?  We got anxious clients who want the update installed... Thanks!

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    Yes, it went live around 7am (PST) this morning.  I posted a general message earlier this morning.

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    Since I've already downloaded all of the 1099 client updates for all versions of Sage 500 (2017, 2018, and 2019), how are the articles identified on the KB so that I can be certain that I'm downloading the most recent update?

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    The lack of version or revision information was an oversight in retrospect as we did not plan on revising anything.  The latest versions would include verbiage similar to:

    Apzdl001 was modified to handle the new 1099 NEC form.  When using the Edit Voucher 1099 Data the NEC for would show up in the dropdown, but the dropdown selection would not be handled correctly.

    right before section 3.2.2.

    The client install could be identified by installing it and checking to make sure apzdl001.exe or apzdldl1.dll got updated.  The source code could be identified by the existence of apzdl001 source code.  The db install was not updated, but it is always best if you get one, get all.

    Sorry for the confusion.


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    This 2nd release also did address the issue with the server update when run against databases created in older version such as 6.3, the issue identified above.

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    Can't believe Dallas Chamber is still using it and you're still there, Liz! There was some debate at one time, but you're the first to go live on what was actually an installation of the beta version not long after the product was renamed from MAS 90 for Windows.

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    Can't tell who this is.  MAS 90 is now actually Sage 100.  It started out for us as Acuity in 1996 we purchased through ERG- Enterprise Resource Group.

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    Acuity went through various names through the years including Sage Enterprise Suite, and is now Sage 500 ERP.  It went to Sage 500 ERP when MAS 90 went to Sage 100.  While Acuity was started by the MAS 90 development team, it was and is a very different product natively incorporating SQL Server.  I believe Acuity had version numbers in 3.x and 4.x, and Sage Enterprise Suite started with the 5.x version numbers (currently in the 8.x series).

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    Some details like the origin story are now generally forgotten, like how it wasn't originally written for SQL Server 6.0, or even Informix but those events occurred even before your tenure, Ramon, although you have officially been there forever now. 

    Suffice it to say that Dallas Chamber purchased the product in 1996, some guy from State of the Art flew out there twice to install then upgrade it and Greg Boyd was happy.

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    Wow you recall more than I did about the install.  I do recall Greg Boyd since you mentioned him. I was just barely with the Chamber then as I started as a temp to hire.