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Reviewing ideas on this site.

Over then next couple of months (Sep/Oct/Nov 2022), we will be reviewing the ideas on this site for possible consideration in the next release after 2023.  We usually do this by concentrating on the ideas with the most number of votes.  We also consider the most recent issues regardless of votes.  There are many great ideas out there, but we can only include a few.  While we monitor the ideas all year long, the months around a major release  have increased visibility as we begin planning the next release.

If you get a chance and are interested voting an idea that affects you, please do.  While the search functionality may not find your desired issue, please try so that you can increase the vote on it and consider entering a comment on how this will help you and your company.

All input is very appreciated and helps us to determine what customers are interested in, even if we cannot include it at this time.