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Tax Year 2022 1099 Update Information

The TY2022 1099 Stand-Alone updates should be available around December 20, 2022, plus or minus a week and are somewhat related to when Aatrix Software opens up their systems for TY2022.  They will be provided for Sage 500 ERP versions 2018, 2019, 2021, and 2023 (the recently release version).  They will also be incorporated into the January 2023 Product Updates, due in the second half of January 2023.

As usual, they will upgrade the last 1099 tax year where changes occurred, which will be TY2021, as they are not cumulative.  Your system should also have the last January PU applied  where changes occurred, which would be the January 2022 PU for your version.

Note that version 2018 of Sage 500 ERP is technically no longer supported, but will receive the 1099 Stand-Alone update and the January 2023 Product Update, but these will be the last of them for the Sage 500 ERP 2018.

I hope this helps your planning needs.