70,000 unapplied payments in SAGE 500 -

We have just discovered that we have 70,000 payments that were never applied to open invoices in our SAGE 500 System,  We know how to manually apply each one but that is just not realistic. We are desperate for a bulk solution to this problem. Is there any way to apply these payments, mostly credit card payments, to the open invoices via upload or in bulk some how.  Any help in GREATLY APPRECIATED.

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  • in reply to Ramon M.

    They were entered manually over time, none have been applied since 2018, all different customers. 

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    Not that this helps you now, but both AR and AP have payment explorers and reports.  To monitor going forward, perhaps a report / explorer should be run periodically looking for an unapplied amounts <> 0.  As I am a technical person and not a business user, perhaps others can comment on how they prevent unapplied amounts for getting out of control.  

    Also, both AP and AR have an option to warn about unapplied payments during document entry.  If these options are not checked, then perhaps you may wish to consider checking them.