Is there a report that shows clients that are setup for email delivery of invoices and customer statements?

Under the AR module, Customer Maintenance, Maintain Customers, doc transmittal you can elect to have invoices, credit memos, debit memos, customer statements, etc. setup for hard copy or email delivery.  We're trying to get the majority of our clients setup with email delivery using PDF, so we're making sure to check the appropriate boxes in doc transmittal.  In short, if we have a valid client email address on file, I want to make sure that email delivery is turned on for them.

Is there a report I can run that shows me which clients are setup for email delivery?

  • There is not a report that I see but if you have access to create a Crystal report or run a sql query on the company database this query will give you what you are looking for I believe.

    Select c.CustID, c.CustName,
    CASE WHEN d.Email = 1 THEN 'Yes' ELSE 'No' END,
    CASE WHEN d.EmailFormat = 1 THEN 'RTF'
    WHEN d.EmailFormat = 2 THEN 'HTML'
    WHEN d.EmailFormat = 3 THEN 'PDF'
    ELSE 'None' END, l.LocalText from tarCustomer c
    Join tarCustDocTrnsmit d on d.CustKey = c.CustKey
    Join tciTranType t on t.TranType = d.TranType
    Join tsmLocalString l on l.StringNo = t.TranDescStrNo


  • I believe if you add

    WHERE d.EMail <> 0

    to the query you will get a list of customers that have email delivery set up.

  • If you don't have a Crystal Report License which you would need to purchase if you don't have one you would not be able to use the Crystal report method.

    You could have your DBA or an individual that has permission to run queries on the Sql Server they can run the query below and export the results to an Excel file for you.

    As Ramon Mentioned you can add the Where clause he suggested to limit to Customers that don't have the Doc Transmittal set up.


  • Sage gave the right answers below. If you don't have SQL or Crystal experts, or would like someone to do this for you, RKL would be happy to. It's often easiest to create an Explorer view which gives you the flexibility of re-arranging the results and exporting to MS Excel, etc.


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