Document Transmittal error 401 in MAS 500 version 2021


MAS 500 system upgraded from version 2018 to 2021 (v After the upgrade, AP stopped emailing EFT deposit statement, generated error message below when used SMTP ( mail server first time. If Exchange > Outlook.Office365 used, mailbox validation fails in Document Transmittal. Anyone has any suggestion or instructions? Thank you.

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    Depending what Product update you were on in 2018 there were some changes in 2018 PU6 as well as in Version 2021 regarding allowing SMTP to use TLS 1.2, and also specify requiring the use of credentials.

    Check the Common Information->Maintenance->Set Up CI Options   screen to make sure the appropriate settings are in place.

    These are the settings I just used and sent an invoice without issue.

    When sending the first time it will prompt for the credentials, it will store those credentials with an encrypted password which will be used in future sending for that transaction type.

    If you are still struggling please contact support and we can do a dial in and take a look at your specific scenario.

    Hope this helps,


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    Problem end up Multi-Factor Authentication enabled on our Office 365 email. Problem was resolved by-passing MFA using temporary passcode generation. 

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