Upgraded to 2021 - Avalara integration on Azure Servers

Hi Everyone,  We have an escalated case in with Avalara but I figured I should  reach out for help on here too.

We just upgraded to SAGE 2021 PU2 on Friday and our Avalara program works fine on one of our networks but doesn't work on our remote Gateway servers... where the majority of our billers operate. 

We are getting the below error messages - the installation is the exact same on both systems but its shooting errors in one environment and not the other.  Has anyone else had any issues with the 2021 version of the Avalara connector? 

Validate Address call: 

To make matters worse, the Set up Avatax options window opens fine on my Laptop but when  I open the EXACT SAME WINDOW on the remote server I get a Data Truncated error and it clears out the settings: 
My Laptop:
Remote Server: 
Any ideas?
  • Verify you installed the correct Avalara client version at the server and that you are connecting to the same SQL Server and database from your laptop and from the client server.

  • Verify you installed the correct Avalara client version at the server and that you are connecting to the same SQL Server and database from your laptop and from the client server.

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    Thats the scary part.... It's the same DB and SQL Server...  It makes zero logical sense. Same program, same DB, only difference is the environment - ones a Local install the other is a Remote Server.  

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    Different clients. You need to verify the installation is the same between laptop and RD, and you should verify the connector version as well. Avalara programs are installed in \Program Files (x86)\Sage Software\Sage MAS 500 Client\AV

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    I can't help but wonder if this is one of those remote environment issues where some paths to common locations can change under that remote environment.  I can't think of anything in PU2 that would change anything like that.  What Sage 500 version release/PU level was it working on last, and was a remote server involved there also?

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    Our last SAGE version was 2016 with the July 2017 PU.   We haven't upgraded in a while.   Even in that version we had issues with the Avalara product and eventually had to get an updated AVZDADL1.dll program file from Avalara to resolve.

    We're definitely pointing to the same Server and DB - and the versions are identical so it has to be something specific to the environment. 

    Remote server: 


    One fascinating thing I noticed was in TAVConfiguration - the Services column was varchar 30 but if you see the string above - (services enabled) its more than 30 characters so  I had to manually increase the field to 50 characters.  You'd think that would have been caught in testing.  Shame on Avalara.    Given the error message is "Data is truncated" i'm wondering if its trying to create a temp table based on the varchar 30 properties and thus is truncating.   But WHY would it only do that on the server and not on the local install. 

    It literally makes zero.zerozero sense. 

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    The last version I have is 7.80 but the Services column is defined as varchar (100), if that's the field you're referencing. Here are the queries that issued against the database by the UI (insert CompanyID) where it might break down:

    Create the temp table for the country grid, insert data and select the data to populate the UI. Note the name of the country is limited to varchar (30).

    If you are having problems with UI populated differently when the same queries are issued, it might be anything from how your database compatibility, legacy and parameterization is set to how the ODBC or the communications layer is interfacing with the application, or combinations of both. 

    It's probably simpler than that but my open question would be what "field" you're referencing as having been modified.

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    Forum won't let me post the SQL code execution in any format.

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    The field that I changed from 30 to 50 was Services on TAVConfiguration.    What version are you running?  Could you send me the current definition of TAVConfiguration?  

    Looks like there were updates in 7.8 - 8.00 that Avalara didn't include in their 8.10 roll out. 

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    Hi Contefication, 

    Just checking in, curious if after clicking reply, you went to Insert > Code. This gives you a pop up screen where you can insert sample code.