Data Consistency SQL Checks

Does anyone know if there are any Sage SQL DF to check for data consistency after SQL Crash Recovery?

SQL Server was not committing records to MDF.    MDF and LDF are no longer consistent and corrupt.   Missing Batch

Do you know Sage ever released a Data Fix for this?   

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    There are scripts and methods to verify the data consistency, but this is not a situation where you can apply a data fix. You need to recover the database and/or data files, potentially from backup. If there is a LSN discrepancy, SQL should roll back or roll forward the batches or transactions when you restart as long as there is space available in the database files. There are methods to use to perform a database recovery as well but this is in the SQL Server realm. In the event of a storage hardware failure, you need to make the decision of how you're going to recover the data. That might be a manual rebuild of the database and log files, restore of the database from backup, recovery from a snapshot, etc. Sage utilities can repair portions of the data and aggregations but they are not going to be able to repair data that contains significant discrepancies in the parent-child (header to detail) or linked data, like sales order to shipment to invoice, relationships.