Process Invoice for Payment


The Treeview has changed and it is now unusable.

Tree view use to contain yellow/ black circles

to this

you can no longer select individual invoices for payment

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    There's not much to work on like your version, if you recently upgraded, made any changes, or whether this works correctly on other machines/other logins, but to me it looks like your localized data store could be corrupted. You might try the following:

    1. Log out of Sage 500 and verify the Business Desktop is no longer running.
    2. Navigate to \Users\PCook\AppData\Roaming\Sage Software\Sage MAS 500 folder using Windows Explorer.
    3. Delete the .ctr and .idx files in the folder.
    4. Login to Sage 500 and test behavior.

    What you should see is new ctr and idx files written to that folder. Certain data is stored in this folder to represent your logon settings, Sage 500 logs and static data from the data dictionary in the database. This last one is localized so the client application can access them more expediently. The data is reloaded during logon when you see the "Updating Sage 500 ERP Client" progress bar.

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    We are on Sage 500 ERP 2019 Product Update 3 (Version

    running from terminal server- Windows server 2016.

    This behavior shows for all users on this server.

    I deleted all of the ctr and idx files, but it still acts the same.

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    Any recent changes or updates? The first screenshot is recent, so is that from a different machine?

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    We have 2 terminal servers, one works the other one does not.  I have been doing comparisons, but cannot find the point of difference.

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    If it's specific to 1 machine it could be any number of problems, so the first step is to narrow the potential cause and reduce the set of variables. You can do this by rebooting that server, which should remove a memory, application, pending update or application install as the potential source.

    If the problem remains, you should look for an application that was recently installed or updated. The tree view in Select for Payment used 3 icons to indicate whether a payment(s) is applied to vendor invoices. It appears the icon resource cannot be accessed or there is a conflict in trying to load the necessary components. Folder resources may also come into play since the client typically also localizes some data to the \Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp folder, but that depends on the TS and domain configuration.

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    Do you have the name of the icons, because I have not found anything like them yet?

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    These are not stored as separate files. The icons and various graphical representations on buttons, etc., are compiled as a common resource available to the application. The tree view is a grid set to display as a tree, so it is sometimes a bit more fickle since it is formatted more dynamically than a standard grid. There are 1 of 3 icons displayed at the branch (might still be the root) that represents the status of the listed payments for the vendor: full - applied to all invoices, half - partial applications and empty - no applications.

    Since the problem is occurring on 1 client but not the other, it would appear to be something specific to the environment in which this is failing and not the data or back-end code. That's the reason for the questions as to what was installed or updated, etc. You're going to have to work through a process of elimination but one of the easiest ways to remove some of the variable factors in a multi-user environment is by rebooting the machine.

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    It has been rebooted multiple times, that has not fixed the issue.

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    Going back to basics for a moment, and this is the most obvious and basic question, but you're not trying to select the same vendors/invoices that are already in payment or application batches are you?

    If so, that's the problem, you can process them in one pending payment or application batch only. If not, that just means you're going to have to work through the process of elimination, including comparisons between the working and non-working environments. You haven't completely eliminated this as a data issue, so you need to fully investigate that angle.

    • Verify the payments aren't selected in another pending batch and batches aren't on hold or private
    • Verify the payment method in the selection matches
    • Verify 1099 AP and vendor configuration and payment method options
    • Verify bank account options and for the selected bank account
    • Test after posting or deleting all open payment and application batches on each machine
    • Reduce the size of the data set and test in both environments (verify the payment method and bank acct)
    • Test the data set under different O/S user logons
    • Test the data set under different Sage 500 logons (if using SQL authentication)
    • Compare operating system versions, updates and installed applications, including Sage 500 source mods
    • Review client domain, security or server changes, as well as differences in how/where the client is hosted
    • Review database and SQL Server changes
    • Review the Windows and Sage 500 ERP Event Viewer logs at the client for errors
    • Review the Windows Event Viewer and SQL logs at the SQL Server for errors