64-bit Remote Desktop Services

Is there any trick to installing the MAS 500 v7.4 client on a Server 2008 R2 (64-bit, obviously) Remote Desktop Services box?  We are trying to migrate from Server 2003 Terminal Services.


We've run into an issue that when users try to print, they get the following error:  "PrintReportNow - 53:File not found".  Anybody else experience this?


I apologize if this has been addressed before, but I have searched the forum and haven't found any specific reports of this issue.

  • We run our 7.4 client on Server 2008 32-bit (obviously an entirely different animal than 2008R2), and I have not seen this problem.  Just a thought... have you set the permissions as outlined in the KB article "105-817 - How to configure folder, registry, and policy permissions for Sage MAS 500?"

  • Where are your report files located?  Look at their Application.Config files and make sure they are pointing to the write place.  Look at the <ReportPath> tag.


    You can find Application.Config in :

    C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Sage Software\Sage MAS 500


  • I'm having some difficulty finding the KB article you are referring to.  Searches for permissions return over 300 results, and searches based on 'old KB id' come back blank.


    Am I doing something wrong?


    Nevermind - just found the article.


  • I just searched for "105-817" (without the quotation marks) and the article came right up.

  • So I was indeed doing something wrong.


    Found the doc, got it all as sorted.


    Thanks a million!

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    Hi there.  I'm having a similar problem.  User account does not have access to make registry changes.

    Unfortunately, it looks like 105-817 no longer exists as the search for it only results in this post.

    Any chance anyone remembers what the resolution was?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Gleepart,

    I agree with JohnHanrahan post.  It sounds like it might be the report path or a missing custom report.  If you had custom reports at a shared directory, you need to configure the file path to point to the shared directory again.  If you had the custom reports located on each client, then you will need to make sure those custom reports exist in the local path.

    I searched the KB and also found these:

    *  Article 30517:  Error: "PrintReportNow 53 file not found" when printing invoices from Reprint Invoices using the print immediate toolbar icon.

    * Article 19373: Error: "File not found" when printing checks

    Try those and let us know :)  (hint, you can search with just the article id number on the KB once you are logged in)

    Jennifer Pitt

    Customer Support Analyst, Prin., Sage 500 ERP | Sage Budgeting and Planning

  • I know this thread it rather old, but sometimes this information is still necessary! I couldn't bring up those KB articles anymore.  I used ProcMon to trace the report EXE and found that it was looking for AFPrintDlg.DLL but couldn't find it.  It turns out it's in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Sage Software\Sage MAS 500\Shared"  folder and once I added this to my system environment variables PATH and logged out and back in again, the report worked!

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    We've found through experience that after installing the client and setting registry entries, we need to copy that file as well as soadblib.dll and AppConfig.dll to C:\Windows\SysWOW64 to avoid issues with Sage 500.