Sage Intelligence Sage500 Statistical data

Can SI for Sage500 pull Statistical GL data, i.e. Qty? If so any hints on how?

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    Hi there.

    Sage Intelligence can report on any data contained in your Sage 500 database.  All the reports in your Report Manager are based off a container which defines the information that is extracted for that report.  The container may hold additional fields not shown in the report so the first thing to do is check whether your Qty field is available by selecting the report in the Report Manager, clicking the columns tab and then clicking add columns.  If it's in the list you can add it.

    If it isn't there then you'll need to see whether it can be added to the container in the Connector module (you may need a license for the Connector if you don't already have one).  If you're going to use the Connector then it helps to get a bit familiar with it.

    There are videos on our Learning Portal under the Advanced tab for Sage 500 which look at the Connector.  The section Getting Ahead with Sally is intended to provide an introduction to it.

    In the Connector, the field might be available in the tables referenced by a report's container but not yet added to the container.  You can add fields to a container by selecting it and then clicking Add Expressions from the menu ribbon.

    If the field isn't available to the container then you'll need to identify the table that holds it and try incorporate it into your container by adding the table in the container's SQL query.  It helps to know a bit of SQL here.  If it can't be joined then another option is to create a separate container for the table, create a new report off this container, and then join this report and your original report together using a Union Report in the Report Manager.  Further information on these terms can also be found in the Help File accessed from the Help tab in either the Report Manager or Connector.

    If you're having trouble identifying the tables that hold certain information in your system then it's best to speak to a Report Writer: