Sage500 - RANGES - when the natural account is not in the first segment

I have a client whose GL Acct Structure is ?-????-??-NNNN-? - where N is the Natural segment.  I am figuring out that since the Natural Segment is not in the first position, it is causing their report building to be VERY problematic"¦  They are coming off of FRx...  First, I have found that to do any reporting sole based on the Natural Account number I must use wildcards - such as ?-????-??-1000-?.


My question I have currently is dealing with Ranges.  If the natural account were in the first segment we could easily do a range such as (1000 to 1050) and get all accounts from 1000 to 1050.  However, SI does not like a range of (?-????-??-1000-? To ?-????-??-1050-?).  


Is it possible to do a range of accounts in Sage Intelligence where the natural account is not in the first position?

Thanks to anyone who might know!

Barry McCuistion

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    Is there any other option rather than using the wildcards? I have a client with a similar issue where the Natural account is the second of three segments. If all of their FRx formulae were just XXXX to YYYY it would be a pain, but manageable. In this client's case though, they've got several rows with multiple accounts, for example:

    1204 +(1214) +(1221) +(1225) +(1230) +(1245)