Incorrect syntax near ')'

Incorrect syntax near ')'

Since this has happened more than once, it must be *me*!

I started with a native SI template for Sage 500 --the "Report Designer Add-In - Fiscal Year Detail...", which has the following columns/ContainerExpressions:

Company FiscalYear FiscalPeriod PeriodStartDate PeriodEndDate

I tried to add one additional field from one of the two source tables in this container, the FiscYearPer column from tglFiscalPeriod. For those unfamiliar with the data structure, presuming we're looking at one company's Fiscal Year 2018 period 12, the FiscYearPer field value would be '2018-12'.

After adding this field to the source container, I then added the same field to the standard "Report Designer Add-In - Fiscal Year Detail..." report. When I then try to run out that standard report it returns the following error:

Description : Incorrect syntax near ')'.
Number: -2147217900
Source: Microsoft SQL Server 11.00.6248
Driver Error: 102
SQL State: Unknown

Can anyone provide an explanation of why this error is occurring and a resolution?