Incorrect Mathematical Expression

Hello all,

Recently, we upgraded a client from 4.5 S/I to 2015.

I noticed an issue with several of the formulas and narrowed it down to the GLlink argument.

The below produces an "Incorrect Mathematical Expression" error:

GLActual("50000-100 to 50499-100, 50600-100 to 57499-100, 57510-100, 58000-100 to 59999-100",$B$4,$D$4)

However, if the GLlink argument only specifies accounts where there is a single range, it works:

GLActual( "50000-100 to 50499-100",$B$4,$D$4)

GLActual( "50600-100 to 57499-100",$B$4,$D$4)


GLActual( "58000-100 to 59999-100",$B$4,$D$4)

The client can't seem to combine the different ranges in one long string, they can only do them separately.

Is there a way to fix this?  I'm trying to avoid having to write some VBA to convert these formulas to a working version.

Note:  Ideally I would've preferred that the client use column A:A to indicate the GL accounts and simply reference it in the formula.  Unfortunately, since this report was created "pre-me" I was unable to provide that type of direction.