On Time Ship Metrics

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We are currently in Sage 500 Version. 7.4. 

Does Sage 500 have a user friendly On Time Ship and Current Late Units reporting ability besides exporting and filtering data in an excel spreadsheet? 

I am super new to Sage 500 so any advise or direction would be greatly appreciated.


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    A lot of the reports in the Insights-Reports are in the Insights-Explore which can be sorted and grouped without exporting to excel.  I am not familiar with the On Time Ship and Current Late Units report.

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    The Business Insights view for Sales Order might do what you want or the Sales Order Line view.  They can show if orders are open, and the default ship date and the Line view can show quantities open.  For good help I suggest being VERY specific on what you're trying to do.  The other thing you can do is contact your reseller.  They should have a super user or two on staff to help with this kind of question.

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    As @JohnHanrahan said, providing specific details about what you need will help us to help you.

    Based on what you mentioned, you might want to try Sales Order>Insights >Explore>Sales Order Lines. You can filter based on the following combination:

    1. STATUS ... IS EQUAL TO ... OPEN
    2. PROMISED ... IS ON OR BEFORE ...<your cutoff date, likely the current date>

    Depending on how you are populating the field in "Enter Sales Orders and Quotes" you may want to substitute the REQUESTED or SHIP DATE field for PROMISED.

    • PROMISED: date you promised the order to the customer
    • REQUESTED: date that the customer has requested to take delivery 
    • SHIP DATE: date that the order is scheduled to be shipped