Duplicate account numbers in consolidated report (Accounts S500 1-0)

Changed a report to pick up 3 of our companies (A,P and C) 

(Created consolidated connector then exported and imported the report using the consolidated connection)

The accounts union report (Accounts S500)  is one of the many that are included in it.

When it is run out of C (for example) receive:

A row with duplicates was encountered at row number 16450 for data object Accounts
The values are:
AccountKey : 5359 - C
Company : C

The combination of columns [AccountKey,Company] needs to be unique for every row

Reviewing the data on the hidden account sheet it appears that the data is all company C, just triplicated.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

(What we'd expected was the account information for all 3 companies)

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    This is the first time we've tried consolidating a report.  From a video showing me one way to do this I did the following:

    Exported an existing non-consolidated report.

    Imported the report into a new folder, using the consolidated connection (instead of the original auto-connect)

    For each container I said "use the container" (tried renaming but one of  the containers failed with a multi-step error so opted not to do that).

    Went into each container and added A,P,C to the database consolidation list.

    My hope was this would be all that was necessary (again, according to the video) to make a single company a multi-company report.

    If I understand what you're suggesting is that I should rebuild this report from scratch starting with a consolidated report designer template?

    Thanks again.

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    Yes, that is my suggestion.  You can open a new Consolidated Report Designer Add-in template and then copy the worksheets you created to it.  When launching you should be prompted to select the companies you would like to include.  Once the new version works, save it back to a copy of the Consolidated Report Designer add-in template.

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    Can you help me locate a Consolidated Report Designer Add-in Template?

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    Hi again,

    I ended up contacting Sage Support as I could not figure out how to get to the consolidated Report Designer.  We did not have the Report Manager Module (Consolidations) task in our menu.  Once it was there we were able to use an existing consolidated report as the basis of our report, as you suggested. Thank you again for your help, greatly appreciated.

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    Glad you got it working!