Adding quantity from invoice lines to project lines view/explorer screen.


We are starting to you use Project accounting, and find the explorer window great. However, the quantity invoiced in the vdvproject lines view, seems to be inaccurate. Infact, we would like to quantity from invoices lines view. I have tried a couple joins, and attempting to look through the schema, but cant seem to find the link between the mods. They must link somehow, because if i enter an invoice, i can add project and project number into the invoice.

Any help is much appreciated.

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    First rule of BI is don't mess with standard views. Second rule of BI is don't mess with standard views.

    The vdvProjectLines view does not appear to have a link to the invoice line. To do this properly, you would need to aggregate the invoice quantity or line totals because there is a one to many relationship between the two (a project line can have multiple billings). I would recommend you review Invoice Lines in AR (vdvInvoiceLine). It contains project references and details the relationship between the invoice line and project billing schema, specifically dbo.paarInvcLine.

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    This was correct table, i just need to figure out how to fill out the Project area on an invoice. Thanks again for your help!

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    Hmm, you mentioned Explorer, so that's a different set of code from the reports. Actually, a set of PA invoices already exist and reside in the \Program Files (x86)\Sage Software\Sage MAS 500 Client\AR\Reports by default. They should start with ARP from what I recall. These are configured in Set Up Business Forms and link the report file to be used. The name specified there is referenced as the invoice form (I seem to recall there is a default in Set Up PA Options). Either way, the report form used is determined in Enter Projects on the second tab and there is a selection for the type (Details or Options?). I don't have a PA reference system so I'm working from memory, but I seem to recall there were some different forms to show timesheet/item details or just a summary.

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    Sorry, while filling out the invoices in the AR module, there is a section for project details, which would allow the information from the table you mentioned in the solution.