2023 1099 Submission Error

It seems like we inadvertently submitted 1099 (I was trying to test out for the new year).  As a result, it seems like we are unable to match payment in AP and the invoices don't show up in 1099s.  Is there anything we can do to reverse the submission?

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    The answer is most likely yes.  How to address it depend upon how far you got in testing.  Any responses I give would be for Sage 500 ERP processing, and may not be the same if your 1099 process is customized.

    If your testing did not make it all the way to Aatrix, load up the 1099 screen and fill in the form and year.  If the button show below is enabled, you can probably just delete the submission.

    Let us know if you went further than this. especially if after coming back from Aatrix you answered yes to the Sage 500 question about Aatrix processing successfully.  If you went into Aatrix there would be more steps.

    One other note, the Aatrix production system is not officially up for TY 2023.  That will happen sometime in mid-December.  Today, they announced their test system is live, but that is not accessible by customers and deisgned to allow developers at companies like Sage to test their integrations.