Landed Cost not posted in IM Purchase Return


Feature or a Bug?

I have an inventory item that has an existing Cost Tier with a Landed Cost Component (let's say, $5.00 Freight) and a $25 Material Cost component.

I do an IM Purchase Return transaction to push out 1 piece.

The Inventory Transaction Register shows 1 piece, at $30.

The GL Transaction Register shows a debit of $25 to the Inventory GL (with the offset being Purch Clearing, if it matters).

Unfortunately, I have a number of previous transactions from the last year that seem to verify this.  Did I do something wrong in the set up here?  My understanding of Landed Cost Capitalization is that it gets rolled into Inventory, so when REMOVING from inventory, it should follow the Cost Tier TOTAL, not just one component.

Wanted to ask the hivemind before calling Sage ...

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    Sage has verified that this happens.  However, they claim that anything with a Landed Cost component would have been received via Receipt of Goods, and so should be returned ONLY via Vendor Returns.  And so, they won't do anything about this issue, and needs to be reconciled via GL Journal Entries.

    For better or worse ...