Purchase order -- Closed for invoice- accidentally close one line


Does anyone know, when you process the Drop shipment PO and SO in SAGE 500, accidentally closed one of the lines and post it in the Receipt of Goods

However, we still have part of the items no receive.  does anyone know how can I open this line? the problem is I can't match the total amount with the invoice.

Because the client sent me the invoice by three different times.

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    You shouldn't have been able to process a receipt of goods against a drop ship PO and you send a client/customer an invoice, not the other way around. You should review exactly what happened with the PO, maybe with the receipts drill-down or Stock Receipt Lines explorer. You can reopen a PO and PO line if you have rights, you can also override matching, if you have rights to do that. You need to identify where the receipts or PO creation went wrong and reverse or document accordingly.