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Just released: 2nd January 2023 Sage 50 Payroll Solutions Update for Release 2022 and 2023

What's New

Federal Tax Changes

  • Federal Income Tax Withholding 
    The 2023 withholding tax tables changed. As a result of changes to the W-4 form in 2020, revised filing statuses are available, in addition to filing statuses from 2019 and years prior for employees who have not revised their existing withholding elections.
    Review Payroll tax year 2020 W-4s for additional information.

State Tax and Paid Family Leave Changes

  • Connecticut Paid Family Leave
    Wage base change. 
  • Illinois State Income Tax
    Withholding and contribution rate changes. 
  • Indiana State Income Tax
    Withholding and contribution rate changes. 
  • Maryland State Income Tax
    Withholding table and standard deduction changes.
  • Michigan State Income Tax
    Personal exemption amount change. 
  • North Carolina State Income Tax
    Annualized tax percentage change. 
  • North Dakota State Income Tax
    Withholding table changes. 
  • Oregon State Income Tax
    Withholding table and Standard deduction changes. 
  • Rhode Island State Income Tax
    Withholding table and Annual exemption wage limit changes. 
  • Rhode Island Temporary Disability Insurance
    Taxable wage base change. 
  • Vermont State Income Tax
    Withholding table and Allowance change.
  • Washington Paid Family Leave
    Wage base and contribution rate changes.

For additional information, see Sage Knowledgebase article: 2nd January 2023 Tax Update Bulletin.  

Is your tax update applied?

You will receive this update automatically through your product. The version for this tax update is 20230102 for releases 2022 and 2023. Follow these steps to make sure that your tax update was applied:

  1. Open your Sage 50 company.
  2. Select Help > About Sage 50 Accounting.
  3. Confirm that the installed Tax Update version number matches version number 20230102.
  4. If your Installed Tax Update version number does not match:
    1. Select ServicesCheck for Updates > Check Now.
    2. If multiple updates appear, select the update(s) you want to install, then select Download.
    3. After the download is finished, exit Sage 50 and the update will begin.

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