• error while setting up auto backup

    this is the error i got while setting up
  • move Sage 50 2024 to a new computer

    Hello. I bought a new laptop with Windows 11, and I want to move my 2 companies to the new computer. Do i just install Sage 50 - 2024 edition on the new computer, then backup (on the current, working old one), and restore to the new one and all should…
  • two Sage 50 installations in a PC

    Can an accountant install sage 50 2020 and sage 50 2023 on the same server without being affected?
  • Running US Version alongside UK version?

    Hi Am hoping someone can confirm whether SAGE50 Cloud US version (ex Peachtree) can be installed and run alongside UK version. Appreciate from having multiple UK versions side by side that US version will need to installed in dedicated programme etc folders…
  • sage peachtree pro accounting 11

    I purchased a new sage peachtree pro accounting 11 software program on ebay. I installed it on a windows 7 computer and it worked fine until I ran out of uses. Now it says I have to register, but when I called sage, they wouldn't register it even though…
  • Peachtree 2010

    Good day, My computer crashed and I lost my peachtree program files. I seem to have lost my cd or whatever was used to download the software. I have my serial number and activation code for 2010 Peachtree PRO Retail . Is it possible to…
  • Looking to upgrade Sage 50 to a fully integrated ERP/MRP System

    We (Small company, two companies with a lot of intercompany business) are currently using Sage 50 and another ERP/MRP system for Production and Engineering and I am investigating the possibilities to use Sage as a fully integrated ERP (incl. MRP) system…
  • POS with Sage 50 Desktop

    Is it possible to integrate a POS with Sage 50 Desktop? If yes, what is the procedure? Thanks.
  • Sage 50 user logging and history

    Hello, We need to see which employee entered a specific transaction. We had multiple users signing in to the same account so when we ran the audit trail report it just showed that account. Does Sage 50 perform any additional logging that would tell…
  • Remote jobs with clients using Sage 50

    I am a Sage 50 expert and keep trying to find a remote job with a client using this wonderful software. Does anyone know if there is an online database (Like Indeed) that is for Sage 50 jobs?

    the previous person here made our accounting period 13 months - I want it back to 12 months. PLEASE HELP!!
  • How can I get to buy sage 50 U.S Edition 2022 or 2021

    How do I get to buy Sage 50 U.S Edition. Though I downloaded it 2021 online and it was asking for the Serial Number. Please I will appreciate prompt response
  • User walked away from PC. On returning it was at Select Company screen.

    Hey all, Two users are having an issue lately that almost seems to be some sort of timeout maybe. They will leave their computer and when they come back it has taken them from the company they were working on and will be back at the select company…
  • Opening a Company Message in Peachtree Complete Accounting 2003

    When i open the company a message comes up that say: Another Peachtree user is using the same serial number I cannot get passed it and there is no other option other than register, close or help Help was no help
  • Sage 50—U.S. Edition 2018 download

    Hello, I would like to know if anyone has a copy of Sage 50—U.S. Edition 2018? I contacted Sage and was told they do not keep older versions of the software and to ask someone in the community. Any and all help would be appreciated thank you,
  • Windows 10 Update Sage 50 2021 freezing not responding

    Hi I upgraded all of our computers to the most current Windows 10 build and updated the printer issues with Microsoft updates. We are having some issues with the program locking up not responding. At least two of our computers experience it after using…
  • We have the Tax Form 1099 NEC - 2 up vendor Template and 1096 Transmittal for 2020

    The IRS form you received from Sage is only 1 up and it is not aligned properly for the laser forms. We have created a form and it is available on our website. It hits every box in the exact location. The only thing you have to do is purchase the forms…

  • How can I restore a Company Archive file to be used as a live company file?

    Is there a way to restore an Archive file and set it up as a new company file? Our original backup file was corrupted. Thank you.
  • PeachTree 2010 Complete installed on Windows 2010

    I have PeachTree 2010 Complete installed on Windows 2010 running on a new remote network. When I try to start it, I get a message saying "You must use PeachTree Premium Accounting when using terminal services..." We are not using terminal services and…
  • Is there a way to change the entry screen when entering an invoice?

    I have designed an invoice. I need to be able to reference multiple PO numbers on a single invoice for a particluar customer. I added a colum right before "Quantity" in the design format screen, & saved. I can print/preview the template and it looks great…
  • Is it possible to remove transactions in the bank rec that are in closed years in PeachTree 2011?

    Hello, Is it possible to remove transactions from my bank rec that are from closed years in PeachTree 2011 edition? Thank You Shawna
  • Cannot locate JRNLHDR.dat?

    I have a company located in a network drive K:\Company\hhm and this is the directory I use to open it in peachtree. Now, when I'm trying to check print I receive an error saying it cannot open K:\Forms\JRNLHDR.dat. I'm quite new to peachtree but I understand…
  • Peachtree 2011 Question pertaining to a credit on a customer account

    Hello, I would like to know if there are different results when a credit to a customer account is created by generating a new sales/invoice with a negative quantity & negative amount as the invoice amount vs creating an actual credit memo as per the…
  • What are the Journal Entries to record Payroll completed and Paid by an outside payroll company

    Hello, What are the final journal entries to record Payroll by an outside payroll company that has already completed and paid all of the payroll taxes? Am I able to just record the expenses or is there still liability entries that need to be completed…