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Just started with Sage 50, when paying employees, some of them have more deductions than the paystub will allow, so it wants to print on the next check.  I know there is an option to print on plain paper, which I haven't quite figured out yet, but we changed the layout of the paystub and shrunk the height of the fields so we could add more.  We copied and pasted on of the fields, and actually had room to add 4 more deductions.  Now it duplicated the field we copied, how do I change where it is getting its information from?  Thanks!!

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    There's a paycheck format named "OCR Multi-Purp Laser w/15 Flds". Usually the simplest solution to your problem is to switch to that form since it fits up to 15 deductions on one paystub.

    If you want to get your customized form working, the short answer is you need to insert a "Read next line item record" command between each set of fields that you added to the stub. The longer answer is a little complex to explain here. But one thing that will help you understand how the forms work, is to show commands and order numbers on screen. In the form design window, click the Options button. Check the box next to "Commands" and click OK. You'll see the command objects appear along the right edge of the stub. They show up as a grey box with a C in it. The location of the command on the page isn't important though, only it order. So now go back to the Options button and place a check next to "Order Number". Now you can see the order number of every object on the page.

    The basic idea is that you have a set of fields (Payroll Field, Amount, YTD Amount, etc.) on the top stub, and a matching set on the bottom stub. The order number of the fields alternates between the top and bottom stubs, then there is a "Read next line item record" command before the process starts over on the next line. Without that command, every line of the pay stub would repeat the same information as the first.

    There are two ways you can add a command. You can click the Add button along the left edge of the design window, choose Other Object, and then Command Object. Click where you want to place the command, and then choose "Read next line item record", and click OK. Next, a window will pop up listing every object on this form, sorted by its order number. You need to use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to get the command you just added into the right spot in the list. You can also add new commands from here. Which brings us to the second method for adding commands. You can go straight to this window but right clicking on any existing command object and choose Order (or Properties).

    You can directly assign an order number to anything other than a command object if you right click on it, choose Properties, then Advanced. You can type a number in the Object Order field. Other object numbers will automatically adjust (that is, you won't create a duplicate). But commands can only be reordered by moving them up and down in the Edit Print Order window.

    Once you have all the data fields and command fields in the correct order, your stubs will print correctly.

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    WOW, best answer ever!!  Thanks so much for the help!  I will work on this right away!!

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