• Tax liability report adding CASDI twice, once as CASDI and once as CASDI C for California

    The Tax Liability Report, under the CA State Taxes section, is showing CASDI and directly under that, CASDI C and the total it is giving is incorrect. To my knowledge, there is no such thing as and an employer component to the State Disability Insurance…
  • 401K Report

    Did payroll this morning and when I went to print my 401K report to upload that information to our plan the report is missing! It is always under the payroll tab and towards the top...gone...looked through all other tabs and I don't find. Any ideas what…
  • Reprinting Payroll Stubs for employees

    I need to give an employee a history of their last 4 pay stubs. They did not save them. How can I do this?
  • Sales Tax Report in State of Kansas

    Is anyone else in the state of Kansas having trouble on their Sales Tax Reports? In Kansas you can have tax sales of Gov Entities, Resale, Exempt and Regular in the Last almost year the report is such a jumbled mess of figures; that I have to go in by…
  • payroll checks

    How do reprint multiple payroll checks?
  • ohio school district tax withhold

    how to create an GL account to report OHIO school district tax withholding
  • quarterly reports

    how do i pay and file my quarterly reports through sage and not have to manually file with eftps and the state
  • Open periods

    I had a few payroll clients apply for the Employee Retention Credit. Due to the fact that Sage only allows 2 years open at a time I was unable to generate the needed reports for 2022. December 2022 was period 24. How does everyone handle the end of the…
  • exception reports for futa and suta

    1st off, has anyone heard of "quarter 5"? Ever? I run an exception report before every payroll now, which is every week, due to unexplainable errors in sage. Today's report is off in what it deducted as opposed to what it calculated. Ummmm... Waiting…
  • I am trying to do quarterly sales tax for the first time. I can't see a Sale Tax Report item on the Report menu.

    Good Morning Everyone: Sage 50 "Help" alludes to their being a Sales Tax Report. I don't see one. What am I missing? Other useers on this forum mention they had to buy a third party tool for Quarterly Sales Tax Reports. What is the actual truth. …
  • I need to be able to pull payroll earnings by the month for 2020

    However, since they only allow two years to be open, I am unable to pull this. Need someone to get 2020 up so that I can get what I need.
  • Tax liability report adding CASDI C for California

    My state Tax Liability Report is adding a section CASDI C to the total and giving an incorrect total for the report. Best as I can tell, there is no employer component to the state disability insurance tax in California, and I need to manually subtract…
  • How to create Certified Payrolls

    Is there a add on or Sage program that creates certified payrolls?
  • Paystub printing wrong total hours

    When we cut our first paychecks in 2021 the hours listed separately on the paystub didn't match the total hours. However, the pay was correct. For example we had a person with 84.50 hours for the pay period, but the total line said 138. When I checked…
  • Sales Tax

    Is there a way to have a report that shows the sales tax on accounts receivable? Our state allows us to take exemption on sales tax payables that are not collected. At the end of each month we are creating a spreadsheet of accounts receivable and then…
  • Sage Direct Deposit - mask DirectDepositAllocations field

    My employees want their Direct Deposit paystubs emailed. The SSN is masked however I cannot find a way to mask the Direct Deposit Allocations - their entire bank account number is listed instead of only the last 4 digits. Is there a way to tell Sage to…
  • Direct Deposit Advice form

    Is there still no way to print the direct deposit advice form that shows the bank account(s) and the amount deposited into that bank account unless you use the Sage Direct Deposit Payroll Service?
  • Re-alphabetize list of employees in W-2 Form Preparer

    I had to manually add an employee to the W-2 form preparer. No matter where I clicked on the grid, the line was added to the bottom. Per the IRS instructions for filing the W-2's, they should be submitted in either alphabetical order by last names or…
  • Payroll reporting

    Does anyone know how I can generate a report that shows name, ssn, payroll hours, dollar amount, posting G/L account?
  • Tax Liability Report Wrongly Calculated January 2017 Gross Income for 941

    I ran my Tax Liability Report on 2/1/2017. I paid my 941 taxes for January based off this report. I just ran my 941 quarterly Tax Return and discovered January's report was incorrect causing me to over pay my 941's. Why would this happen?
  • Adding Taxable Earning to a Pay Check

    How can I add the taxable earnings to a pay stub. I see where we can put the Gross and Net, but my client also want to see what is taxable.
  • Reports - Pay Rate

    I am trying to run a report in Sage 50 2017 Quantum addition that shows me our employees rate of pay per hour and I have not been successful; any input?
  • Unable to print 1/2/2015 check date on P/R

    We have installed the 20150101 tax update on the server and local machines. We are unable to print payroll checks with Friday's date of 1/2/2015. I'm told this was an issue last year also. Any quick tips from anyone? Phone support has disconnected twice…