MISSING RESOURCE: Variable uses and Automation type not supported in Visual Basic


Hello, I am having trouble with a running a few reports in the Report Manager that I have created data containers for in the Connector Tool.  I keep getting a missing resource error like this one:


This occurs right at the very end of running a report out of the connector. 

We first ran into this issue when trying to make a simple item list.  We found that removing the Item Class value from our connector fixed the issue.  I am having this issue again when trying to create a list of all of the Price Levels for each item.  The report contains ItemID, PriceLevelXAmount, SalesPriceXAdjValue, SalesPriceXCalcBase, and SalesPriceXOPCode.  Where X is 1 through 10 for the 10 different price levels.

I’ve created two reports to test this.  The first report uses an SQL Data Container containing this code:



PriceLevel1Amount, SalesPrice1CalcBase, SalesPrice1OpCode, SalesPrice1AdjValue, 

PriceLevel2Amount, SalesPrice2CalcBase, SalesPrice2OpCode, SalesPrice2AdjValue,

PriceLevel3Amount, SalesPrice3CalcBase, SalesPrice3OpCode, SalesPrice3AdjValue,

PriceLevel4Amount, SalesPrice4CalcBase, SalesPrice4OpCode, SalesPrice4AdjValue,

PriceLevel5Amount, SalesPrice5CalcBase, SalesPrice5OpCode, SalesPrice5AdjValue,

PriceLevel6Amount, SalesPrice6CalcBase, SalesPrice6OpCode, SalesPrice6AdjValue,

PriceLevel7Amount, SalesPrice7CalcBase, SalesPrice7OpCode, SalesPrice7AdjValue,

PriceLevel8Amount, SalesPrice8CalcBase, SalesPrice8OpCode, SalesPrice8AdjValue,

PriceLevel9Amount, SalesPrice9CalcBase, SalesPrice9OpCode, SalesPrice9AdjValue,

PriceLevel10Amount, SalesPrice10CalcBase, SalesPrice10OpCode, SalesPrice10AdjValue

FROM LineItem

The second report uses a container built just from a Table using the LineItem table and the above variables as expressions.


The SQL report gives me an error, but the Table report works without error.  Do you see any thing that I could be doing wrong here?  I cannot figure out what that error means.