• Taxable / Exempt Sales

    Hello, We've implemented a new City tax (on top of county), is there a way to run a GL report that would only includes invoices that include tax from a specific Sales Tax Agency Name. I was hoping I could double click on the agency name on the Taxable…
  • Payroll Tax Liability Report

    Why does the summary report not include the employers FICA but is does include the employers Medicare amount in the total?
  • Income Statement Issue

    Monthly and YTD Amount showing as the same amount on the Income Statement. How can I fix this?
  • Log of transactions

    It appears a change was made to an employee's withholding. Is there a way to see when the change was made and even possibly by whom?
  • General Ledger

    All of a sudden I can't access the General Ledger, AR or AP reports. The other financial statements are there. Any ideas?
  • CompanySpecial1a field not found in Company.dat file

    I am adding the function GetPeachQtyOnHand ({Company.CompanySpecial1a}, {Company.CompanySpecial1b}, {Company.CompanySpecial1c}, {Company.CompanySpecial1d}, {LineItem.ItemRecordNumber} ) to a Crystal Reports, but the field CompanySpecial1a is not found…
  • Inventory Turns Report

    I have been tasked to create an Inventory Turns Calculation in Crystal, I have a report with all the items, a date range parameter and COGS calculation, Piece of cake. How would get average inventory? Is there a table that gives you historical inventory…
  • How to make the GetPeach() functions available in Crystal Reports?

    Sage 50 Quantum. Despite going through the normal installation step to make these functions available, they aren't. The u2lpeach.dll is in C:\windows. I even tried to manually register it with regsvr32 to no avail. Where should this .dll be? What…
  • Is there a job report that I can pull that shows both inventory item ID and quantity used on job?

    Our company's projects consist of inventory items and non-inventory items purchased specifically for a specialized job. Is there a report that can be pulled by job# that shows the inventory ID of the parts issued to job with quantity? I can drill down…
  • Sage 50 “MRP” style possibilities

    Hello, Im extremely new to Sage but recently started working as a purchaser at a Plastic Injection facility. We use Sage 50 and I hear different things from different employees on what sage50 is capable of. im wanting to be able to have a way to…
  • Sage 50 Profit & Loss

    I need to provide a Year to Date Profit & Loss Report to my bank. I use Sage 50 software. Which report would that be?
  • AatrixForms.exe Entry Point Error

    We're getting a procedure entry point error after last weekend's Windows Updates. Does Sage have a patch for this? Anyone know a work around? Thanks, Joe
  • Estimated Expenses showing up in Reports

    The estimated expenses entered by phase and cost code in maintaining jobs is not showing up in reports except for the totals. Did I miss a setting?
  • Comparative Subsidiary Trial Balance

    How do I create a Comparative Subsidiary Trial Balance in my Consolidated Company? I have Sage 50 Quantum Accounting 2023.
  • Sales Order reports

    Currently when we receive a Purchase order we run the stock status report and add the column "Quantity on Sales Orders" to see if anything that came in is on a Sales Order for a customer. It doesn't tell you what the Sales Order number is so you have…
  • Number Formatting in Excel Exports

    When exporting to Excel, SAGE currently applies an odd and deceptive number formatting. #,##0.00;-#,##0.00;* ?? This formatting makes zero values appear empty when they are not. This leads to some confusion as there is a huge difference between an…
  • Aged Receivables Report

    I have a customer who has an invoice created on 7/26/2023. Their credit terms are due on the 10th day of the next month. Today is 8/21/2023, and their invoice is in the 61-90 days overdue category. Why is that? I changed their terms to Due in 30 days…
  • How to create a report that uses the system date versus invoice date

    Good afternoon, I am looking to create a report that I cant run daily that will detail all transactions recorded on the system date (audit log of activity). We recieve and prepare invoices using a variety of dates so I'm thinking the system date is…
  • Preparing a combined balance sheet when you have multiple segments or cost centers.

    Hello - I'm new to Sage 50 Premium Accounting. Looking for a reporting solution or GL account segment configuration to produce a balance sheet or income statement on a combined basis and at the segment/cost center/project level. I'm able to the latter…
  • Add Reports to Report Group

    It is currently no possible to ADD a report to an Existing Group. To "add" a report, one will overwrite the existing Report Group with a New List of Reports. There is an issue with confusion and naming of the "new" group that is prone to problems…
  • Why are Sage default reports garbage?

    Almost every default report or form in Sage is garbage. There's fields with letters cut off or numbers cut off or bad calculations. I'm try doing do a simple customer statement and it can't even figure out how to get the aged invoice in the right bucket…
  • Reporte Inventarios Kardex

    Buenas tardes estimados, estoy buscando un reporte o como crearlo en sage 50, este reporte se llama Kardex y registra las entradas, salidas y saldos de cada producto y sus costos unitarios de entradas, salidas y totales. Pueden auxiliarme por favor. Gracias…
  • Sales Backorder Qty to Ship

    Currently Sage 50 Quantum - 2023 version does not show Qty to Ship on the Sales Backorder Report. Also the Amt Shipped shows line item wrongly. Please fix this issue asap Thank you Dan
  • Inventory Movement Analysis/Report

    I am looking for reporting that shows both purchases and sales with quantities and $ CR/DB. Found reports do not show data on items with Current O/H of zero or do not show the desired detail. Working with LIFO inventory and would also like to be able…
  • Financial statements

    is there a way to change the layout of my income statement so i can have multiple accounts feeding into a general account and where i can change the order in which my accounts are showing up on the statement?