We have installed a copy of XLGL and it seems to launch properly. However it is only showing us the standard forms that SAGE has in it not any of the modified forms that we normally use. How can I get it to locate and use the modified forms?

  • Hi Gary, To use your custom reports that were created in SI, a "conversion" is required. We have been furiously converting SI to XLGL ever since Sage announced the retirement of SI. If you want someone with experience to jump in, please reach out to us.

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    Thanks for the feedback!! I kind of figured changing out of BI would not be seamless. Now I have 2 additional questions. 1. how do we go about converting the files and 2. Once converted will we still use XLGL to use them.

    Thanks again

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    Conversion is something that took me about 3 months to learn how to do. In your case that investment of time would not be cost-effective for you. If you want to get this done, please contact me outside this forum.

    And yes XLGL is an add-on to Excel as you now know, so going forward you would just open the Excel file and that IS your report.