Remove YTD Totals on custom Report


I migrated from decades of Quickbooks, and am still learning this new system.  I created a custom report for our Simple IRA (Quickbooks had one).  I needed a report to give me each employees gross earnings for the week, their contribution amount to their IRA, and the Company match amount.  I was successful in getting this report done, but it also includes the YTD Total for each employee under the Report Date Total.  In other words, I get a weekly total by employee, then a YTD total right under this.  This makes the report longer for printing out.  I want to keep the Report Date Total for each employee, but eliminate the YTD Total for each employee.  Then at the bottom, there is a Report Date Final Total (which I want to keep), and a Final YTD Total (which I don't want).  Any suggestions or is this just another Sage 50 issue that we can't fix on our own?  Thanks for any help!!