Link JrnlHdr to itself

I added the JrnlHdr to the report twice in hoping the link the second JrnlHdr to itself.  How do I do this?  My first instance JrnlHdr is restricted to JrnlHdr.JournalKey_Journal 11 - Sales Orders.  While my second is restricted to JrnlHdr.JournalKey_Journal = 3 - Sales.  So I want to show Sales Orders and the subsequent billing of those orders on the same report.  How do I link these tables?

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    To update if anyone is interested, you link JrnlRow to JrnlHdr with PostOrder.  I aliased these as JrnlRow_SalesOrders and JrnlHrd_SalesOrders and restricted the report to JrnlHrd_SalesOrders.JournalKey_Journal = 11 (Sales Orders).  The second group I aliased as JrnlRow_Invoices.  and JrnlHrd+Invoices.  I then linked JrnlRow_SalesOrders.PostOrder to JrnlRow_invoices.LinkToAnotherTrx.  So I can pull in Sales Order Data in column 1 thru 4 and Invoice Data in column 5-8.  And I can compare them..

    This works, but I will go to my death bed complaining about how Sage 50 needs to open up the entire database to us.