• How do I find all checks written on a specific day via an ODBC connection?

    I'm on Sage50, 2019. I've connected to the ODBC driver and have found the following query gets me part way there. SELECT a.Reference, a.AmountPaid,a.Description, a.JrnlKey_Journal, a.TransactionDate, a.MainAmount, a.Reference, a.TrxName, a.* FROM…
  • 64 bit ODBC

    I am hoping I am wrong and someone can point me in the right direction. I need a 64 bit ODBC driver to connect to Sage 50. I can't work in 64 bit Office or in Visual Studio with the 32 bit Pervasive Client driver. Surely it can't be possible that there…
  • Migrate/Extract data from Sage 50 to Sage 300

    How to Migrate company data from Sage 50 Premium 2015 to Sage 300. How do I extract data from .DAT file?
  • JrnlRow payrollfieldnumber

    How does the jrnlrow payrollfieldnumber relate to the DefaultPayrollField table and the PayType table. Is the PayType table a new table in 2021?
  • Business Intelligence report - using POSOisclosed filter in report and data not correct when running report

    I have created a excel pivot report using the BI report manager and connector. I have several fields used to construct an open order report by ship date I them use Vlookup to link to anoither table from our MRP system to show On Hand FG inv and current…
  • Issues linking Crystal Reports to databases after new PC install

    Hello, I recently installed new computers and since then when trying to connect Crystal Reports to our Sage company files, I get the following error message. Failed to retrieve data from the database Details: ADO Error Code: 0x Source: Pervasive…
  • Sage Crystal Report error

    Good day Fellas :) looking for anyone who can help :), i'am having a problem regarding with our companies' sage 50, my users are trying to generate crystal reports using their workstations but unfortunately it is asking for a database password which…
  • Attachments Table

    I'm trying to create a report that shows any sales invoices or vendor invoices that do not have an attachment (our documentation). I'm looking for the table that stores all attachments (i.e sales invoices, vendor invoices) and the key field for that…
  • cannot locate the named database you specified

    I have a report I've been running for a few years now and as of August it no longer works and I can't see that anything has changed with my information to cause it to fail. When I try to refresh the report data, a box pops up for the OLE DB Provider.…
  • Pervasive error No. 4905

    I have this error message accesing Sage50 via ODBC. Any know what means?
  • Not directly crystal related but maybe some help could be provided. Data extraction for reports

    I need to find which tables Item Qty on hand and item cost are . Using Access ODBC, and need to extract Inventory Stock status data for connecting to Power BI. Any help?
  • Use indexes or server for speed

    I have been finding recently that on certain computers, Crystal Reports will give an error message if I don't uncheck the box “Use indexes or server for speed” in the Report Options. Unchecking this makes the report run much slower. At one client I…