SAGE 50 SDK - Company Open Works on Server but not on Workstation

I have written an application to post general journals to SAGE 50 using data from a point of sale application.  The program works fine on the server where the company files are located but when we moved the application to a workstation where the accounting staff member works, the application is not able to open the SAGE company file.  I presume that this is because it is on a shared drive on the server.  Am I correct?  Do you have to be on the physical machine where the company file resides in order for the SDK to work?  This individual has SAGE 50 installed on their workstation. Do you also have to install the SDK everywhere?  Right now the SDK is only on my development machine.  

Please provide some insight.  Thanks.

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    No need for the Sage SDK on the end users machine. What error message are you receiving in the SDK when you try to Open the company?

    I assume you''ve already had Sage pop the security prompt asking if you want to allow it to integrate with the Sage company file? Did you tell it to remember perpetually, or prompt each time?